Ulysses resists the sirens – Oil painting by Herbert James Draper 1909

Trend Concept’s fund managers compare their role to that of Ulysses’ companions: They plug their ears with wax so they can row without being distracted by the siren calls of the markets. Like Ulysses, investors can hear sirens but remain bound to the mast at their own request and thus withstand the temptations of the markets.



A passion for performance

The TrendConcept Group offers retail and institutional clients a wide range of investment funds and asset management services based on three central principles:

  • Capital should be preserved.
  • Capital should be increased..
  • Forecasts are almost always wrong.

TrendConcept manages investment funds with billions of euros under management for retail and institutional clients. The funds are strictly separated from the company’s own assets, ensuring a high degree of security for the assets invested. TrendConcept cooperates with major investment companies and custodian banks.

TrendConcept is based in Frankfurt am Main and Wiesbaden, Germany. It was founded in 1994 as an offshoot of TrendConsult, a company founded in 1989 to develop software for quantitative fund management. These applications are constantly updated and now form the heart of the TrendConcept Group.

Demand for TrendConcept’s services is rising steadily thanks to the successful performance due to systematic implementation of its investment concepts. Measured by the assets under management in the funds we work with, TrendConcept Vermögensverwaltung GmbH is one of Germany's largest independent asset managers.