Ulysses resists the sirens – Oil painting by Herbert James Draper 1909

Trend Concept’s fund managers compare their role to that of Ulysses’ companions: They plug their ears with wax so they can row without being distracted by the siren calls of the markets. Like Ulysses, investors can hear sirens but remain bound to the mast at their own request and thus withstand the temptations of the markets.


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A clear opportunity to buy equities
Greed and panic are poor advisers on the capital market. „They are the sirens,“ says Caspar von Zitzewitz, one of the five founders and managing partners of TrendConcept, in an interview with Daniel Mohr, financial editor of Frankfurter Allgemeine.

Tracking the market - FAZ September 08, 2011
“Our customers gain in the long term by avoiding serious investment mistakes,” says TrendConcept’s co-founder Caspar von Zitzewitz in an article published in the German newspaper FAZ on September 8, 2011.

Computers make profits even in stock market crashes - welt.de August 16, 2011
Trend-trackers benefit from falling equity prices according to the August 16 edition of German newspaper “Die Welt”. The TrendConcept MAA fund scores highly as a buffer in periods of turbulence. “[It] has brought investors a gain of 3.2 percent over the past month.”

Valartis TrendConcept for long-term investors – finanzen.net November 29, 2010
Munich (aktiencheck.de AG) – Experts at “Euro fondsxpress” consider that the Valartis TrendConcept (Trend Concept VT) fund is suitable for long-term investors: ... … reap the benefits over the long term and can even sleep peacefully in the meantime, according to the experts at "Euro fondsxpress"

Constant monitoring to find the right trend - €urofondsxpress 47/2010
“Being concerned that security might reduce performance is short-sighted,” says von Zitzewitz. ... “While other funds dropped 50 percent or more during the crisis that started in 2008, our fund preserved a far higher capital base. Anyone who has lost 50 percent of their capital needs a 100 percent improvement simply to regain their initial investment.”

Valartis TrendConcept for long-term investors – finanzen.net November 29, 2010
The Valartis Trend Concept fund uses an absolute return strategy. The prime aim is to obtain the steadiest possible return … The principle is: Better to lose out on part of the uptrend in good market phases but be well-protected against losses in bear markets…

A big fall means a long climb back – Financial Times Deutschland October 22, 2010
... percentage calculations and gut reactions […] mean that many investors obtain fatal results over the long term," says Caspar von Zitzewitz, partner at Wiesbaden-based asset manager Trendconcept. ...

Valartis AM: Trend-tracker for Germany – cash-online.de October 21, 2010
As from now, Valartis Asset Management (Austria) is also marketing its Valartis Trend Concept fund (AT0000A0D8M9) in Germany.

Valartis: New fund for safety-conscious investors – FONDS professionell October 20, 2010
Equipped with a computer-based trend-tracking system, Valartis Trend feels that it is positioned to cope with bear markets as well. The fund launched by Valartis Asset Management (Austria) (ISIN AT0000A0D8L1) has now been registered for sale in Germany as well.

Markets: "The decision has not yet been taken – but it could come any moment now“ – Deutsches Anleger Fernsehen September 8, 2010
Markets on the brink of a decision – Which price levels signal a downturn? That is just one of the issues discussed in our financial chat. Dr. Bernhard Jünemann’s guest is Caspar von Zitzewitz.

Relative strength as a basis for analysis – Financial Times Deutschland July 27, 2010
A market or share that has performed well in the past is likely to do well in the future too. Which are the favourite investments at present?

Trendconcept Multi Asset Allocator fund now registered – FAZFINANCE.NET May 28, 2010
Since May 21, 2010 the Trendconcept Multi Asset Allocator fund (LU02275660055) distributed by Hauck & Aufhäuser Investmentgesellschaft S.A. has been registered for sale to the public in Austria.

TrendConcept’s trend-tracking system guides investors to success
Investors in the TrendConcept Multi-Asset Allocator fund (MAA, ISIN LU0225766055), a retail fund established under Luxembourg law by Hauck and Aufhäuser, which is advised by TrendConcept Vermögensverwaltung GmbH, Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, Germany, have not felt the adverse effects of the present crisis. In fact, since January 1, 2008 they have seen their assets grow by more than 15%. As a brief reminder: this period included one of the biggest ever crises in the international financial system ….

Trendconcept’s investment fund wins the euro-zone equities category – FMM Magazin March 23, 2010
TrendConcept Vermögensverwaltung GmbH, Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, and Universal Investment GmbH have won first place in the Austrian Fund Award with their German investment fund TrendConcept-Universal-Fonds-Aktien-Europa.

The computer sets the tone – Fundresearch June 12, 2009
“The TrendConcept Multi Asset Allocator fund is managed entirely quantitatively - and has outperformed qualitatively managed funds in the financial crisis. Comparatively low volatility and a sound return make this fund a solid investment …”

Facing the waves – FocusMoney May 20, 2009
“From a risk-reward viewpoint the TrendConcept Multi Asset Allocator managed futures fund comes out particularly well. This fund minimises the risk of the entire portfolio – without losing sight of investment opportunities …”

Clever tactic avoids drop in prices - Handelsblatt April 21, 2009
“In periods of stock market turbulence investors want crisis-proof investment models. Successful asset managers reduce risk through low exposure to shares or use make selective use of derivatives to minimise risks or even generate returns (...)"

“We are like the comrades of Ulysses” – FAZ March 21, 2009
Caspar von Zitzewitz, managing director of Trendconcept, talks to FAZ editor Daniel Mohr. Ideally, emotions should be excluded from investment decisions. Caspar von Zitzewitz explains how that can be achieved.

Fund of the Week: TrendConcept Multi Asset Allocator – Börse am Sonntag February 9, 2009
“The fund is one of the few top European funds that achieved clear double-digit growth of 14.43% net. A computer-based technical-quantitative analysis system provides information on uptrends and downtrends for shares, foreign exchange and fixed-income securities. That provides a high level of assurance …"

System and profit outwit the crisis in 2008 – Börse am Sonntag 8.2.2009
Funds that did not make a loss in 2008 are difficult to find. The TrendConcept Multi Asset Allocator (MAA) was one of the few leading European funds that achieved clear double-digit growth of 14.43% net in 2008.

Where investors simply follow the trend – Die Welt January 29, 2009
“The principle is simple: investments are only undertaken when there is a clear upward or downward price movement. If there are signs that the trend is about to reverse, the computer gets active and automatically buys or sells securities. (…). Computer-assisted strategies of this sort were the few that actually worked in the past year ..."

TrendConcept’s approach proves effective on the capital markets – Finanzwelt Nov. 6, 2008
“Our tactical asset allocation based on trend-tracking systems has prevented our customers making heavy losses as a result of the difficult situation on the capital markets in recent weeks and months."

On track whatever the weather – Euro Fondsexpress October 2008
“The Trendconcept fund is not reliant solely on rising prices: it also benefits from market downturns. For example, the fund has done well out of this year’s rollercoaster oil prices. It has also been able to turn the falling DAX to its benefit ...”

The market is always right – FAZ May 20, 2008
“The TrendConcept Multi Asset Allocator shows that multi-asset strategies can be effective even in difficult market conditions. Despite the extreme pressure resulting from the capital market crash, it has achieved a positive performance this year ..."

A driver with a navigation system – Financial Times Deutschland April 11, 2008
“Well ahead of the market: With its Multi Asset Allocator fund asset manager TrendConcept has achieved remarkable results in a crisis-ridden market environment. In the first quarter of 2008 it gained almost five percent …”

Fund Focus: TrendConcept Multi Asset Allocator – Euro am Sonntag March 16, 2008
“The TrendConcept Multi Asset Allocator is one of the few funds that has made gains since the start of 2008. The increase in value of this flexible balanced fund is also convincing on a longer-term view: over the past three years it has gained 17 percent ..."

All-rounder with an early-warning system - Welt am Sonntag March 16, 2008
When prices drop, managers of multi-asset funds can rapidly reallocate investments. For example, investment in shares can be replaced by bonds or foreign exchange until the stock market rallies again.

All-inclusive – FocusMoney February 4, 2008
“The TrendConcept Multi Asset Allocator derivatives fund, which is an absolute return product, was the only one of the multi-asset funds, which aim to reduce risk through broad diversification, that avoided a drop in value in the recent stock market crash ..."

The right formula – Managermagazin 1.3.2006
A handful of fund managers put their trust entirely in complex computer programs and advanced mathematics. Surprisingly, they are extremely successful.

Keeping one foot in the market – FAZ April 27, 2003
TrendConcept lets profits run and limits losses. … When the stock market rallies, its investors ideally have a higher asset base than those who have been fully affected by all losses.

Set to benefit when the stock market rallies – Welt am Sonntag, October 13, 2002
TrendConcept has beaten the downturn with its safety-oriented system for bond and equity funds that acts like an airbag.