Ulysses resists the sirens – Oil painting by Herbert James Draper 1909

Trend Concept’s fund managers compare their role to that of Ulysses’ companions: They plug their ears with wax so they can row without being distracted by the siren calls of the markets. Like Ulysses, investors can hear sirens but remain bound to the mast at their own request and thus withstand the temptations of the markets.


DPN Deutsche Pensions- und Investmentnachrichten

DPN Deutsche Pensions- und Investmentnachrichten (German pension- and investment-news) have asked us for our views for 2016.

Here you find our answers:

TrendConcept Multi Asset Allocator as the best "Systematic Managed Futures Fund" of the year

Trendconcept - best Systematic Managed Futures Fund 2016We are very happy to report to you that our TrendConcept Fund Multi Asset Allocator has been named "Best systematic managed futures fund" of the year. It has returned +13.11% net in the mutual fund share class.

Here you find the award

Best asset managers in Germany

Wirtschaftswoche, one of Germany's most influential economic magazines, has analysed over 400 asset managers in Germany, and has noted TrendConcept as one of the best asset managers in Germany.

Performance over 1 and 3 years as well as volatility and maximum drawdown have been analysed and resulted in a ranking. Among over 300 asset managers in the category "balanced" our fund "TrendConcept" launched over 5 years ago with Valartis in Vienna ranked 8th and thereby in the top 3%.

Tracking the market

“Our customers gain in the long term by avoiding serious investment mistakes,” says TrendConcept’s co-founder Caspar von Zitzewitz in an article published in the German newspaper FAZ on September 8, 2011.

Computers make profits even in stock market crashes

Translation of article published in Welt Online on Aug 16, 2011

FundAward for MAA

The magazines "€uro" and "€uro am Sonntag" awarded the 2nd rank to TrendConcept Fund Multi Asset Allocator for 2011.

Link to certificate.