Ulysses resists the sirens – Oil painting by Herbert James Draper 1909

Trend Concept’s fund managers compare their role to that of Ulysses’ companions: They plug their ears with wax so they can row without being distracted by the siren calls of the markets. Like Ulysses, investors can hear sirens but remain bound to the mast at their own request and thus withstand the temptations of the markets.


Absolute Return Funds


LLB Strategie Global Trend

 Fund name LLB Strategie Global Trend
 Currency CHF
 Security code ISIN LI0017986717 / Valor 1798671
 Reuters / Bloomberg 
 Investment company LLB Fondsleitung AG, Vaduz FL
 Custodian bank Liechtenst. Landesbank AG, Vaduz FL
  TC Mandate since 25.07.2012
 Investment focus Stocks, Bonds, Commodities
 bid price 96,65
  Perf. curr. Y./ prev. / Launch 0,94% / 2,52% / 8,11%