Continuity and growth

The TrendConcept team has been working with trend-tracking systems for the benefit of retail and institutional investors since 1989. Some of the founders started working together on research in the early 1980s. That laid the foundations for the company they later established. The team’s long-standing relationship with renowned clients has always been based on a sound and reliable investment approach.

The five founders and partners of TrendConcept (Werner von Buchholtz, Holger Peter Fuchs, Joachim Hegny, Jürgen Reitz and Caspar von Zitzewitz) have been committed to the company from the outset and embody the continuity of our methods and personnel. As competent partners for institutional investors, TrendConcept’s fund managers bring together decades of experience as capital market analysts and IT specialists. Their knowledge is combined in a strategic approach that offers excellent prospects for far-sighted investors.